Cop’s Dog Saves Woman From Dog Attack

A Missouri woman is grateful to be alive and it’s all because of her neighbor and his loyal dog. Katherine Rose was outside her home in Ferguson when a neighbor’s dog got out and attacked her. She was screaming for help as the dog hung onto her and thankfully, it was loud enough to wake up another neighbor.

Drew Canaday, a Ferguson police officer, was off-duty and asleep at the time. He says the “blood curdling scream” was the worst he’s ever heard. And it spurred him and his dog, Ozzie into action. He opened his door and told the Czechoslovakian shepherd dog, “Ozzie, get him!” And the dog did!

Ozzie rushed for the attacking dog, which made him release Rose. The dogs battled it out for 20 more minutes until the other dog’s owner finally came out to restrain him. Canaday says he’s proud of his pet for his actions and Rose agrees. “Thank God for Drew that stayed next to me,” she says. “His dog saved my life.”


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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