An Off-Duty Firefighters Save Man’s Life Mid-Flight!

An airline passenger is alive and well today thanks to a group of off-duty firefighters from Massachusetts who saved his life during a medical emergency. The seven firefighters - Chief Christopher Coleman, Captain George McKinnon, Captain Josh Langille and Lieutenant Scott Langille with the North Attleboro Fire Department, as well as Foxborough FirefighterCory Shepardson and retired firefighters Jeff Badger and Rich McDonagh - were flying to Colorado to visit the Fallen Firefighter Memorial when a fellow passenger started experiencing symptoms seemingly related to a seizure.

When the group heard about the man’s medical situation, they didn’t hesitate to help and worked as a team to save him. Coleman recalls that the man was “extremely gray” and wasn’t responding, so they laid him down in the aisle and got to work. They couldn’t find his pulse and began CPR, someone got the automated external defibrillator (AED) and one of them inserted the IV.

The passenger regained consciousness and was alert for the rest of the flight. When they landed in Denver, he was taken to the hospital and Coleman reports that he’s doing okay now.

“A firefighter is never off duty and this proves it,” Coleman explains. “We do it every day. Whether it's 30,000 feet in the air or on the sidewalk in North Attleboro. It's our job.”


Photo Credit: Getty

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