Elon Musk Donates $50M To St. Jude Fundraiser!

SpaceX founder and CEOElon Muskis donating $50-million to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital as part of the Inspiration4 space mission fundraiser. He announced the pledge after the four all-civilian crew members returned safely to Earth,tweeting, “Count me in for $50M.”

The fundraiser was launched by billionaire tech entrepreneurJared Isaacman, who bought the flight with SpaceX and donated $100 to the cause himself. Between that, Musk’s contribution and the $60-million donated by the public, $210-million was raised for children’s cancer research.

“This brings tears to my eyes,”tweetedHaley Arceneaux, Inspiration4’s medical officer and a physician assistant at St. Jude’s. “Thank you@elonmuskfor this generous donation toward our $200 million dollar fundraising goal for@StJude!!!”

Source:New York Post

Photo Credit: Getty

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