Woman Wins Bus Driver Of The Year For Saving Child’s Life

A school bus driver in Tallahassee, Florida, is being honored for saving a child’s life. Naesha Williams-Mathis was driving her regular route for Leon County Schools last fall when she found a toddler wandering in the street alone.

Williams-Mathis stopped her bus and saved the tot, who was barefoot, holding a bottle of milk and a pacifier and standing in the middle of dangerous traffic. She contacted police and entertained the small child until law enforcement arrived. The child’s grandmother soon came out looking for her and she was reunited with her family, who thanked the bus driver and called her a hero.

In recognition for her role in saving the child, Williams-Mathis has been named Florida Bus Operator of the Year by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. “Just as I’ve been helped in my life, it was my turn to be a little girl’s angel,” she says. “It’s not every day that you can say, ‘I helped save a child.’”


Photo Credit: Getty

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