Man Who Previously Lost Family In Fire Rescues Woman From A Blaze!

A Massachusetts man who lost his wife and two young daughters in a fire 20 years ago has become a hero after saving his neighbor from her burning home. Mark Collum recalls hearing a woman screaming for help at around 5am Sunday and when he rushed outside, he saw his neighbor’s house on fire.

He says there were flames billowing out the back of the home in Rowley and he ran to help. Collum risked his safety and went inside to get his neighbor, Deb Shanahan out of the fire. They both had a little smoke in their lungs and she was hurt, but her injuries weren’t serious and she made it out alive, thanks to Collum.

“I’m just glad I was here and I did the right thing,” he says. “Hopefully, Deb’s alright and everything worked out well today, so I’m kind of glad.”


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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