Man Shocks Drive-Thru Workers With Huge Tips!

A man is going viral for his generous random acts of kindness. A video posted toReddit's“Made Me Smile” section shows a guy named Stuart surprising fast food workers with really big tips.

In the clip, Stuart is seen pulling up to several drive-thru restaurants and asking employees how much they want to be tipped. They all suggest a dollar or two, but he has other ideas. For some workers, he pays 10 or 100 times the amount they ask for. And for others, he asks for their GPA and gives them 10 times that much. He shocks one employee by telling her right off the bat that he’s going to tip her $200.

None of them are expecting it and most of them are genuinely blown away by the gesture. “Are you serious?” one staffer asks Stuart, while another fights back tears and tells him, “You have no idea how much this means!”


Photo Credit: Getty

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