Man Saves People From Burning Home On His Way To Work!

You never know when a choice you make will change the course of your life or someone else’s.SeanValle was on his way to work on Friday when he decided to take a different route and that helped him save lives.

The New Jersey man was driving through Bergenfield when he spotted smoke in the air, then he saw the house it was coming from with two people stranded on the roof and waving for help. Valle pulled over, called 911 and rushed into action. The people on the roof shouted that there were two people still stuck inside, so he pounded on the door to warn the sleeping residents of the blaze and get them out safely.

Valle says he kept yelling to get a ladder and a neighbor soon appeared with one. By the time the fire department arrived, there were flames coming out of every window, but everyone was out of danger. He refuses to call himself a hero, insisting he was “just at the right place at the right time.”


Photo Credit: Getty

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