Woman Discovers $3.5M Lottery Win Thanks To A Facebook Post

An Australian woman won the lottery, but she had no idea until social media tipped her off. The New South Wales resident tells lottery officials that she bought a ticket for the Set for Life drawing, but didn’t check the results right away.

Then she read a Facebook post about the unclaimed prize and decided to check her numbers. And it’s a good thing she did … she won the top prize of $3.5-million! The unnamed woman says she can’t really remember what happened after she scanned her ticket and got the GOOD news. She recalls that her legs “went all jiggly” and her mind went blank from the shock as it all sunk in.

“The first thing I will look at doing is retiring from work,” the lucky lady says. “I have worked in a really stressful job for decades, and I think I am almost done with that.” Beyond that, she plans to donate to charities and travel, but this time, she says she’s going first-class.


Photo Credit: Getty

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