Lemonade Stand Raises Over $77K For A Children’s Hospital!

A lemonade stand can be a good way for kids to make some cash, but for two families in Ohio, it’s become a way to help others. The children in the Zerbe and Weidner families started a lemonade stand outside their Indian Hill homes a few years ago, making $148 that first year in business.

Moms Amanda Zerbe and Hillary Weidner used it to teach their kids about generosity and donated the money to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. The hospital is near and dear to them because Beatrice Weidner had a kidney transplant there when she was just six months old.

Since then, the kids have continued to do their annual lemonade stand, with donations pouring in to add to the kids’ earnings. Thanks to those, the families raised more than $200-thousand one year and even during the pandemic last year, they were able to raise $10-thousand. This summer’s lemonade stand brought in $77-thousand, bringing the total donated to the hospital to more than $300-thousand.


Photo Credit: Getty

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