Stranger Rescues Elderly Couple & Their Dogs From A Deadly Flood

The flooding in Waverly, Tennessee, left many trapped and surrounded by rising water, including Doug and Bonnie Whitfield. The couple was in their pickup truck with their three little dogs and just as the truck was about to be swept downstream, their own personal hero arrived.

Tyler Stanley was on the way to check on his own daughter nearby, but when he saw the elderly couple caught in the flood, he made them his priority. He used a rope to pull the Whitfields to safety, rescued their dogs and let them stay in his truck while he ran to find his daughter, who was safe.

But this good Samaritan didn’t stop there. Days later, Stanley came by to make sure the couple was doing okay. Doug calls him a “heroic man” and Bonnie says she loves Stanley and calls him her guardian angel. The couple plans to take him out to a big dinner to thank him for saving them.


Photo Credit: Getty

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