A Five-Year-Old Girl Saves Mom During A Medical Emergency!

In a medical emergency, every second counts and because of a five-year-old girl’s quick response, her mom is alive today. Chelsey Chmielewski was at home with her daughter, Adalynn, when she suffered a stroke. And even though Adalynn doesn’t even know how to read or write yet, she figured out how to call her dad at work for help.

The little girl from Hartford, Wisconsin, knew something was wrong with her mom and reached out to her dad for help. “Dad, Mom needs help getting up,” she told him in a voicemail. “Can you please get home quick?” Adalynn called repeatedly, so he checked the messages and immediately called 911, then rushed home.

Thanks to Adalynn, her mom is now on the road to recovery. “I’m forever grateful,” Chelsey says, “And as her mother, I’m very proud of her.”

Source:Fox 6 Now

Photo Credit: Getty

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