TikTok Viewers Save Creator By Noticing A Cancer Symptom!

A TikToker known as “Seattle Tech Bro” is crediting his eagle-eye followers for helping to save his life by spotting something in his videos. He says several viewers noticed that his thyroid looked a “little enlarged” and suggested he see a doctor.

“TikTok told me I had cancer,” he says in a recent video. “And it seems like they were right.” Seattle Tech Bro, who doesn’t publicly share his real name on the social site, says he headed to the doctor “out of an abundance of caution” to get his thyroid checked. And after numerous tests, doctors found there was a 95% chance that the “nodule” on his thyroid was cancer.

He was given two options - either have the entire thyroid removed, or just take out the potentially cancerous bit. He chose to just have the part of his thyroid taken out and is now recovering from surgery, all thanks to his followers.


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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