Dan + Shay Signed Over 10,000 Copies of Their New Album!

DAN + SHAY posted a clip of themselves singing about autographing 10,000 copies of their album "Good Things". Did they accomplish that mission? Yes they did. Here's what they said in a radio interview. They said, "We actually signed MORE than 10,000. We were signing them, and they were selling out on the website. Then we did a big show in Nashville, and we were selling them super-discounted there, just trying to get as many out as possible.

"It was boxes upon boxes being stacked in front of us. It was like, 'Sign these, sign these.' Honestly, there are worse things in the world we could be doing." 

They admitted that it got a little monotonous, especially when their hands started cramping up, but they didn't quit. It paid off too. As you may have heard,"Good Things"came out last Friday and went Gold that very same day.

Photo Credit: Getty

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