Teen Mows 50 Yards For Those In Need For Free!

A South Carolina teen spent his summer vacation doing a chore most of us dread - mowing the yard. It’s especially tough in the heat, but Michael Shuler has been at it for months as part of the Raising Men 50 Yard Challenge.

The 14-year-old has mowed 50 lawns free of charge for veterans, the elderly, disabled and single moms. Those who sign up for the challenge are sent a shirt, as well as eye and ear protection. And completing it comes with perks. Once participants finish it, Rodney Smith Jr. with Raising Men Lawn Care Service delivers a brand new lawn mower, weed eater and blower!

Shuler says the best part of the experience was the new friendships he made and helping those who were truly grateful. He says he mowed one woman’s yard at least four or five times and the act of kindness brought her to tears, adding that “it felt really good” to be able to help her.


Photo Credit: Getty

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