NOT DIRTY: Walker Hayes Explains "Squeakin' in the Truck Bed"

WALKER HAYES had to clarify that the "squeaking in the truck bed" in "Fancy Like" is a Styrofoam cooler, NOT a couple getting busy.

Here's what he said, quote, "People been asking me, 'Who is Maddy?' Also, lot of people ask, 'What is Natty?' Even some people ask, 'If the Styrofoam is squeaking in the back, who is driving the truck?'" Yes, they actually think the truck is squeaking because a couple is gettin' busy in the back . . . and the truck is careening down the highway without a driver.  Here are his answers, quote, "It's 'Natty' with an 'N' because that's what we called Natural Light [beer] growing up in Mobile, [Alabama.] I thought everybody called it Natty. And there's no Maddie in the song. 

"And then the 'squeakin' in the back.' Nothing dirty going on there. That's just what happens with a Styrofoam cooler in a truck, if you've ever driven one around. It squeaks a lot and it'll drive you crazy."

Photo Credit: Getty

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