Hockey Player Saves Referee After Collapse On The Ice!

A young hockey player in Massachusetts left his seat on the bench to become a life saver during a recent game. TomParker, 24, is training to become an EMT and when a referee collapsed on the ice at Boston Sports Institute, he knew exactly what to do.

Parker rushed to help the 52-year-old referee who had fallen on the ice after he had a “medical episode,” according to Seacoast Hockey officials.“I hopped off the boards, skated over and by the time I got to him, he was on his back and not really breathing, didn’t have a pulse, was turning blue,” he recalls.

So Parker started CPR, putting his training to the test on a real person in distress for the first time that night. As he was doing compressions, a teammate brought him a defibrillator, which Parker used to revive the ref, stabilizing him. He was taken to a hospital, where officials say he’s in stable condition.

“I just want to see him out on the ice again,” Parker says, “because I think that would be the biggest gift he could give me, just get back on the ice and live his life again.”


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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