Watch Mickey Guyton Tell The Story Of When She Sang With Prince

Photo: Getty Images

Mickey Guyton may be a famous country singer, but that doesn't keep her from being starstruck.

In a CMT video on Tuesday (August 3), Guyton told a story she said she "probably shouldn't tell" everyone about the night she met the one and only Prince.

The "Black Like Me" singer recalled the night years ago when she and some friends were out at a club in Hollywood. They were trying to leave when an accident outside kept them from getting back to their car. So what does someone do in that situation? Call Prince, of course.

Guyton said her friend was dating the "Purple Rain" musician at the time, so she dialed him up. He eventually arrived in a white stretch limousine and took the group back to his home, according to CMT.

After taking a ride in his purple suede elevator, they emerged into a ballroom, complete with chandeliers, instruments and a microphone. Guyton tried her hand at the drums before moving to the mic and began singing Aretha Franklin's "Natural Woman" while Prince accompanied her on piano.

"It doesn't sound real right?" she exclaimed. "Like you don't even believe that that really actually happened but it did!"

Watch Guyton tell the story below.

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