Baby And Mom Trapped Under Car Saved By Police And Bystanders

Good Samaritans helped two police officers save a baby who was trapped underneath a car after a driver hit the mother and baby in Yonkers, New York. According to the Yonkers Police Department, the mom was crossing the street while holding her baby when a car swerved around a corner, hit a parked car and a curb before hitting the pair.

The car then crashed into a barber shop, pinning the eight-month-old infant underneath, police report. Two officers were at a nearby bagel shop when they heard the collision and rushed to the scene. “The officers with the help of bystanders heroically LIFTED THE VEHICLE off of the baby so she could be rescued and given medical aid,” police said.

The mother suffered a broken leg and her baby was left with a skull fracture and third-degree burns to her back and foot, but police say both are expected to recover from their injuries. The driver had a suspended license and has been arrested and charged withsecond-degree aggravated vehicular assault causing serious physical injury to more than one other person.Yonkers Police CommissionerJohn Mueller says, “The actions taken by the two police officers are nothing short of heroic.”


Photo Credit: Getty

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