Paralyzed Woman Walks Down Aisle On Her Wedding Day!

An Indiana woman has overcome the odds and doctors’ expectations after being told she would never walk again. Brittney Bedwell was paralyzed in an ATV crash and spent months in the hospital following the accident, but she never gave up hope.

She endured several surgeries, fought off infection and depression, but she wasn’t going to let that ruin her dream of walking down the aisle at her wedding. Brittney woke up one day and started feeling something in her legs and she said, “I knew that it wasn’t over.” Over the next few months, she got stronger in physical therapy and when the love of her life, Glen, popped the question at the hospital, it gave her even more incentive to keep working toward her goal.

And it paid off. Brittney and Glen just tied the knot and she was able to walk down the aisle, just like she’s always dreamed of, with a little help from a walker and her dad by her side. She was also told she wouldn’t be able to have more kids because of her injury, but she defied doctors once again and she’s four months pregnant.


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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