Carnival-Goers Save Riders When Ride Malfunctions

You never know what you’ll see when you go to the fair, but a group of attendees at the National Cherry Festival in Michigan rushed to help when they spotted a ride that was malfunctioning. It was the Magic Carpet Ride attraction, which is supposed to spin in circles on a single axis while riders are seated, but the base of it began to rock and lift off the ground with each circle of the arm.

Video of the scene shows the bottom of the ride looking like it might tip over backwards, but just then, a carnival-goer runs over to hold onto the base. A crowd joins him in trying to secure the bottom of the ride and steady it so mechanics could shut it off and get riders off safely. Luckily no one was hurt and the ride has been taken down for repairs.

"Just goes to show you what type of people live here in Traverse City, that they without even a second thought will go right over and do whatever they need to, you know for one of their own,” says Joe Evans with Arnold Amusement. “And we think it's remarkable that they were willing to help you know keeping themselves safe on the outside, but doing whatever they could do, to slow the right to stop the ride.”

Source: WPBN

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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