Boy Sleeps In Tent For Over A Year To Raise Money For Charity

An 11-year-old boy in the U.K. has been sleeping outside in a tent for more than a year and it’s all for a good cause. Max Woosey has been snoozing in the great outdoors to raise money for a hospice that cared for his dying neighbor. And even though he’s already brought in nearly $700-thousand for the charity, he has no plans to stop fundraising.

It started in March 2020 with him camping in his own backyard in the tent given to him by his neighbor. And while he admits he cried himself to sleep some nights because all of his gear was soaking wet and experienced some challenging nights during the cold winter months, he never packed up and went inside. Now on his seventh tent, Max plans to keep camping and even jokes that his parents should start renting out his bedroom.

He’s even inspiring other kids to raise money for the Action for Children charity in a “Boycott your Bed” event. While he slept outside London Zoo in a tent, other kids joined in virtually, sleeping in their own unusual places. When asked if he ever plans to sleep in his room again, Max says, “Never!”

Source:Daily Mail

Photo Credit: Getty

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