Deputies Help Homeless Vet Reunite With His Missing Dog!

A homeless veteran and his missing emotional support dog have been reunited in California. MichaelHatfield, a Vietnam war vet, reported his pup, Rerun, was missing, and deputies from Kings County Sheriff’s Office put out a call on social media for Rerun’s return.

It turns out, the dog was picked up by a family who thought he was abandoned. They gave Rerun a bath, bought him a new dog tag and took him on a trip with them to the Sequoia Mountains, not realizing he had an owner who was searching for him. Once they found out, they happily returned Rerun to deputies who brought him back to Hatfield.

Kings County Sheriff’s Deputy John Daultonhas been patrolling the area for decades and knows both Hatfield and Rerun. He got to deliver Rerun back to Hatfield, who was given a hotel to stay in after the sheriff’s office found out about his situation.


Photo Credit: Getty

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