Brothers Adopted As Babies Finally Meet After More Than 70 Years Apart!

A pair of brothers who didn’t know each other existed until recently have finally met face to face. Alfredo Dupree, 70 and Dennis Harrell, 73were adopted into different families as babies and had no idea they had a brother out there. They got the GOOD news after both of their families submitted them to a genealogy site and they were a match.

As babies in Brooklyn, the brothers even lived a few blocks away from one another for a while. But it was that connection from the genealogy site that finally brought them together. It started with a phone call on Super Bowl Sunday that lasted for an hour and a half and had them laughing and having a good time. Now they meet regularly for video chats, getting to know each other with every conversation.

Alfredo and Dennis were finally able to meet face-to-face for the first time on Easter weekend. It was an emotional reunion 70 years in the making and now they’re making plans to spend more time together. "I’m just thinking about all the adventures we’re going to be able to have now,” Dennis says and Alfredo adds, "I just want to be around him.”

Source:Bay News 9

Photo Credit: Getty

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