Boy Swims Mile to Save Dad, Sister After Boating Mishap!

A seven-year-old Florida boy became a hero by swimming a mile to get help for his father and sister after a boating mishap. Chase Poust was swimming with his four-year-old sister, Abigail, next to their dad’s anchored boat on the St. Johns River in Jacksonville last Friday night, but she lost her grip on the boat because of a strong current.

Their father,Steven, jumped in to get to Abigail - who was wearing a life jacket - and told Chase to swim to shore. Dad and daughter were carried away with the current and big brother started swimming. It was a long way back to land - about a mile - and it took Chase about an hour to get there. He admits he was “really scared,” but he was smart about it, switching between floating on his back and doggie paddling to reach the shore.

Once he was on dry land, he says he ran to the nearest house he could find and knocked on the door. Florida Fish and Wildlife, Jacksonville Fire and Rescue and the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office joined in the hour-long search and found Steven and Abigail. This dad knows how lucky they were in this situation and gives all the credit to his son. “Little man made it to shore and got help, and that’s what saved our lives,” he says.


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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