Teammates Help High School Runner With Cancer Cross The Finish Line!

A high school athlete who’s battling cancer got a little help from her teammates when she returned to compete in a cross country meet. Yeva Klingbeil, a senior at Shenendehowa High School in New York, came back to run with her team and they showed the true meaning of teamwork in avideothat’s now gone viral.

The clip shows Yeva and three of her teammates walking arm-in-arm as they help her to the finish line. Once they finish the race, the rest of her team and runners from other schools rush to the track to congratulate her and the crowd starts chanting her name.

"What a great moment to see Senior Yeva Klingbeil at today's girls track & field meet," the school's athletic departmentpostedwith the video on Twitter. "Yeva's teammates help her across the line in the 4X1 relay," the post continued. "Yeva continues her fight with cancer and we continue to be amazed by her spirit!!"

Source: People

Photo Credit: Getty

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