Family Returns Winning $1Million Lottery Ticket To A Woman Who Tossed It!

What would you do if you found a winning lottery ticket? Lots of people would just keep it, but not the Shah family. They own the Lucky Stop convenience store in Southwick, Massachusetts, and one of their regular customers came in to buy a lottery ticket, but didn’t realize she had a winner and left it behind.

Thinking it wasn’t worth anything, the woman gave the ticket back to be tossed out, but it sat in the store for 10 days untilAbhi Shahnoticed she hadn’t scratched the number on the ticket. When he scratched it, he saw it was a million-dollar winner! And then they had to decide what to do with it. “I mean I had $1-million in my hand and on the other, I wanted to do something good,” Abhi says.

His father,Maunish, says the family didn’t sleep for two nights and even called their grandparents in India for advice. They told the Shahs to give it back and the family decided to return the ticket. When the woman who bought it came in, they handed it back to her and she freaked out and cried like a baby, Maunish says. And thanks to the family’s kindness and honesty, she was able to cash in that winning ticket.


Photo Credit: Getty

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