Stranger Lays On Ground To Soothe Autistic Boy Mid Meltdown

A mom in England is thanking the stranger who helped her son calm down during a public meltdown. Natalie Fernando was enjoying a seaside stroll with her five-year-old, Rudy, who has autism, when he spiraled into a meltdown. She says it sometimes happens when they have to turn around to walk back, but this day, she couldn’t console him and the outburst was getting stares and comments from people passing by.

Fernando says that’s when a man named Ian stopped to ask if she was okay. When she filled him in on what was happening, he lay down on the ground close to Rudy and started quietly talking to him. They engaged in conversation and it quickly turned the situation around. Once Rudy regained his composure, Ian walked them back to their car.

She expressed her gratitude for the kind stranger who came to Rudy’s rescue that day in a Facebook post. “I wish there were more of this man around and I am beyond thankful,” Fernando writes. “I will not forget his kindness … thanks Ian from Southend Sea Front, you truly are a kind man.”

Source:Good News Network

Photo Credit: Getty

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