Woman Rescues Kitten With An Uber Ride

A woman in south Florida saw a tiny kitten running through traffic and knew she had to help. Nurse practitioner Kylie Gross was on her way to work at a clinic where she administers COVID vaccines and she stopped to pick up the kitten on the streets of Hialeah, just outside of Miami. Her mission was a success, but then she had another problem on her hands when the kitten was in her car.

The very small cat managed to crawl underneath Kylie’s steering wheel and vanished. She could hear her meowing, but couldn’t find her. Luckily, with a little food, Hialeah firefighters and police officers were able to lure the kitten out. But once the kitten was safe, Kylie had to find someplace to take the kitten.

She was at work, so she couldn’t leave to bring her to a shelter and the nearest shelter she could find that would accept the kitten was Furry Friends rescue in Jupiter. “So I called the cat an Uber,” she says. “I use Uber, so why not rescue a kitten using Uber?” It wasn’t cheap, the bill plus tip was $160, but Kylie says it was totally worth it, adding, “I’d do it again immediately.” And staff at the shelter have already given the kitten a fitting name - “Uber.”


Photo Credit: Getty

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