You Can Now Ask Madonna For Advice Using Bright Video Conversation Platform

If you ever wanted some educational tips and lessons straight from A-listers like Madonna, then Bright is your answer.

On Tuesday (May 4), Guy Oseary and entertainment executive Michael Powers launched the live-streaming platform that will allow users to sign up for classes, send questions in the stream's chat and even join the host on the webcast's stage in a similar fashion as Clubhouse. Unlike Masterclass, Bright’s live component differentiates it from the pack of educational video content and will see each host decide how long their session will be, how many slots the audience has and the price for entry. The talent will take home 80 percent of the revenue, while Bright will pocket the remaining 20 percent.

"I personally prefer to experience the conversation, and I think the audience will feel more connected getting their questions answered. When you’re leaning back, there's there’s none of that connection," Oseary said of the platform. "When you’re at a concert and the artist brings one person on stage that night, it feels like we’re all on stage. I think it’s really beautiful to see people connect with one another. And we’re the only ones doing that in this space."

Among the stars scheduled to appear on the platform include Diplo, Ashton Kutcher, Naomi Campbell, Shawn Mendes, Judd Apatow, Deepak Chopra, Kenny Smith, Kane Brown, Drew and Jonathan Scott (Property Brothers), Chef Ludo Lefebvre, Tal Fishman, Ryan Prunty, Demi Skipper, Lindsey Vonn, Rachel Zoe, Diego Boneta, Jason Bolden, Yris Palmer, Cat & Nat, and Charlotte Mckinney. Bright's co-founders said that the newly launched venture has 1,500 potential "partners" on their waitlist, but they're not unveiling all the names just yet.

Meanwhile, Powers doubled down on how Bright differs from Masterclass, saying, "We’re not anywhere near what they do. They’re focused on episodic content. We want to provide a very comfortable place with excellent tech that allows people to not be intimidated. They don’t have to get the crew and the hair, and the makeup and script everything. We’re not looking for that. You want to go deep, go somewhere else and there's 20 people there you can watch. We want an endless sea of amazing talent out there that have something to share."

Photo: Getty Images/Bright