Weezer Previews Every Song Off 'Van Weezer' Ahead Of Friday's Release

Weezer will be releasing its new album, Van Weezer, this Friday (May 7). If you're feeling a little impatient, the band has provided a preview of each song on the album.

Album 15 is a homage to all things metal and it can definitely be heard on the clips we get to hear. Along with the snippet of each song, each track received its own unique artwork that looks just like a traditional rock album from the '80s. Fans were so impressed with the artwork, they've been asking the band to change the album artwork.

Doing a complete 180 from January's OK Human, Weezer definitely embraces all things hair metal and classic '80s rock riffs. Fans even get a literal metal song titled "Precious Metal Girl" — the album's only ballad.

“This album is gonna be TOP TIER mark my words,” one fan commented while another wrote, “So happy to see Weezer experimenting, having fun, and producing awesome music. And, this is following up the amazing OK Human album!”

On release day, Weezer will be celebrating with us during an exclusive iHeartRadio release party which you will not want to miss.

While the band is releasing a new album this week, they're still celebrating the release of OK Human. The band has recently gotten into the cryptocurrency game and unveiled an NFT collection called "OK Crypto." The NFTs will be a custom toy related to every song off the band's album. They also recently gave away five special Weezer-skinned iRobot Roomba i7 robot vacuums — because why not.

Photo: Getty Images