Hero Jumps In Bay To Rescue Baby From Bridge After Crash!

An accident on a bridge in Ocean City, Maryland, sent several people to the hospital and once good Samaritan went to extremes to save a baby involved. Authorities report that the crash left a car dangling off the bridge’s guardrail and an infant fell out and landed in Assawoman Bay below.

A bystander didn’t waste any time, he “immediately” jumped over the guardrail and into the water to rescue the baby. Rob Korb, a member of the Ocean City Fire Department and a Senior Deputy Fire Marshall in Worcester County, says he “stumbled” onto the accident while out running errands and was amazed by the man’s move.

“The real hero in this situation is the good Samaritan that jumped in to provide life saving measures for the infant,” Korb explains. “I’d like to shake his hand or buy him a beer or both someday.”


Photo Credit: Getty

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