Navy Veteran Reunited With Stolen Therapy Dog!

James Booth’s car was stolen last week and while he was upset about the loss of his gray 2008 Dodge Caliber, what he was most concerned about was what was inside. The Navy veteran’s therapy dog, Ladybug, was taken with the car. And he was afraid he wasn’t going to get back the shar pei, pit bull and retriever mix he’s had for 10 years.

The Minnesota man says his worries that he wouldn’t see Ladybug again kept him up at night. His search for her got a boost from the St. Paul Police Department, who posted on social media about the missing pooch and asked the public for help finding her. And a few days later, they got a call from someone who saw the stolen car and reported it.

When officers showed up, they found the Dodge with Ladybug inside. A woman has been arrested and Ladybug is back home with Booth, who is extremely grateful and ready to spoil his pup, telling her, “We’re gonna go get you a big ol’ steak.”

Photo Credit: Getty

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