Workers Dumpster Dive To Find Colleague’s Wedding Ring

How far would you go to help a coworker find something they lost? A North Dakota bank employee discovered her colleagues were willing to get down and dirty to help her locate her lost wedding ring.

Trina Burns noticed the wedding band she’s worn for almost 32 years was missing from her finger as she was leaving work. When she searched her house and couldn’t find it, panic set in and she tore everything apart as she searched. She let coworkers know to keep and eye out for it, but they went above and beyond for her.

Fellow American Trust Center bank workers Alyssa Hanson and Titus Gietzen went out and did some dumpster diving to find that ring. They went through every single bag of trash, but had no luck. That all changed the next morning when the ring turned up in the parking lot, next to where Burns parked days before.


Photo Credit: Getty

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