Couple Married 72 Years Finally Reunites After A Year Apart

A New Hampshire couple married for 72 years has finally reunited after COVID kept them apart for about a year. John Doyle, 94, and his wife, Kay, were separated when they both came down with coronavirus and after they both recovered, they were eager to get close again.

During the last year, the Doyles have had socially distant visits at the Oceanside Center retirement home, but after all that time apart, they went right in for a careful, masked kiss. When he saw his wife again, John said, “It’s magic, it really is.”

When Kay was asked how it feels to see John again, she says “wonderful,” adding, “I wish I could get closer to him.” The longtime lovebirds are also willing to share their secret to longevity. “The secret is good luck,” John says. “We were lucky.”


Photo Credit: Getty

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