Group Of Good Samaritans Saves A Family Fleeing Flood

A family in Nashville, Tennessee, was saved by a group of good Samaritans who saved them during the recent flooding in the area. Cayce Vaughn woke up for a midnight snack when he looked outside and saw the water levels were higher than normal when it rains. Water had reached their shed and he went outside to move their cars, then realized his family needed to get out ASAP.

WIthin about 15 minutes, he says the water was about three and a half feet high, so he and his wife, Kelly, grabbed what they could, carried their three-year-old son and went outside. But as soon as they reached the driveway, they were trapped . She says the current was so strong, they were nearly swept away and were pinned to their SUV. But that’s when the kindness of strangers rescued them.

As the family prayed, a group of men drove up and one approached with a rope and helped get them up the driveway to safety. They had no idea who those men were until Friday, when Humberto Rodriguez stopped by to check on them. He told the Vaughns he was on the way to check on his daughter down the street when he saw them struggling and stopped to help. We are eternally grateful,” Cayce said to their rescuer and Kelly added that there’s nothing big enough to express her thanks for saving her family.


Photo Credit: Getty

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