Waffle Company Saves The Day For A Boy With Autism!

A mother in Canada has gone from panic mode to relief, thanks to a food company that makes her son’s favorite waffles. Jenna Roman’s nine-year-old, Jerico, has autism as well as extreme oral aversion and complex eating challenges and he’ll only eat Nature’s Path maple cinnamon waffles.

The growing boy usually goes through two boxes of them a day, but that was all about to change because the brand is discontinuing that flavor. To make sure Jerico had food, Jenna was trying to track down and stockpile the waffles, but Nature’s Path heard about it and stepped in to help.

They found the last remaining six cases of the waffles in North America and sent them to Jerico, along with some of their other foods. But Nature’s Path knows these waffles are his favorite, so they also had a team adapt the recipe - from one used to make massive batches to one for Jenna to use at home. And they delivered that, along with the ingredients needed, to the family, ensuring Jerico won’t be going hungry anytime soon.

Source:Global News

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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