Man Who Lost Home In RV Fire Gets Life-Changing Gift!

After living in his RV for the last two years, Billy Tosch lost everything when it caught fire and burned up recently. The California man was left with his dog,Sadie, and the shirt on his back, but his community has stepped up to support him in his time of need.

The kindness of strangers in San Luis Obispo County is helping Tosch get back on his feet, starting with a GoFundMe created by Elizabeth Denny. She drove past the RV when it was engulfed in flames and started the fundraiser for him, which has raised $35-hundred in less than 48-hours. People have also donated supplies and clothing and Hugh Robinson gave Tosch a new home - a 1992 RV that he’d had in storage. And Robinson even paid over $400 to get it up and running for him.

“I think it’s the most beautiful thing in the world, I really do,” Tosch says of the support he’s received. “Everything has been replaced by the community. Just everything - my clothes, my guitar, my home. This home is prettier and cleaner than the RV I had.”

Source:San Luis Obispo Tribune

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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