Toddler Saves Dad’s Life With An Accidental 911 Call!

Deputies in central Florida believe a toddler accidentally dialed 911 while his father was having a medical emergency and that call led to saving his life. Deputy Nathan Kent with the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office says dispatchers could hear a child playing on the phone, but as a precaution, he went out to check on the scene.

When he arrived, he found a toddler wandering around the apartment complex parking lot with no clothes on and no adult supervision. Kent says he looked around and saw an apartment door open and kid’s toys inside, so he went in for a closer look. That’s when he found the father on the ground unconscious and started doing chest compressions. Minutes later, the man gasped for air and Kent had saved his life.

The father is expected to make a full recovery, thanks to his tot and the quick-thinking deputy.

Source:CBS Tampa Bay

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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