School Custodian & Student Save Fifth-Grader!

A school custodian in Ohio has become a hero by saving a choking student. Kim Deaton, the lead custodian at Middletown’s Amanda Elementary School, was in the cafeteria when a fifth-grader called for help with a classmate during lunch.

O’brianah Moon, 11, was sitting at the table with her classmate, Cole, who was eating a cheese stick. Suddenly Cole’s face turned red and couldn’t answer O’brianah’s questions, so she knew there was a problem. She called for Miss Kim, who rushed over and realized Cole was choking. She did the Heimlich maneuver a couple times until the boy could breathe once again.

Deaton admits it was a scary situation, but she says her previous training as an EMT kicked in. On Friday, students and staff at the school held a ceremony to thank Miss Kim for saving Cole and she says she’s thankful to have been in the right place at the right time. “These kids might be somebody else's kids, but for eight hours a day, they're mine, and it's my job to protect them,” she explains.


Photo Credit: Getty

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