Hey Guys, hows this for a Valentine's Day gift...

Roses and chocolates have always been ‘acceptable’ choices for Valentine’s Day gifts, but ever consider a lobster bouquet? Lobster bouquet? Yup. And they’re not cheap, but hey...it’s different that the same ole, same ole, right?

The folks at Maine Lobster Now and Hancock Lobster Co. are offering up a four-tail bouquet for$82.49 and the six-count is $109.99. And no, the ‘bouquet’ isn’t just a box of lobster tails. The kit comes with accessories including skewers, festive wax paper, burlap wrap and directions for fashioning the bouquet. There’s even a Valentine’s tag which reads “Tails are red, oceans are blue, Maine Lobster is sweet, and so are you.”

And if you aren’t so great in the kitchen you also receive cooking instructions. Good luck!


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Lobster tails/Getty Images

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