COVID Survivor Saves Mother-In-Law’s Life With Plasma Donation

An immunocompromised woman who was seriously ill with COVID has been cured after receiving convalescent plasma from her son-in-law. Doctors call the 72-year-old’s turnaround “profound” after the treatment.

According to a new study on her case, she had a 104-degree fever that dropped quickly and just three days later, the virus was no longer detectable in her respiratory swabs. And after four days, she was able to go home from the hospital. She had been admitted to the hospital 33 days after her symptoms started and she had severe pneumonia and a high risk of death, researchers report, and her immune system wasn’t able to fight COVID because she has chronic lymphocytic leukemia.

But after getting the plasma from her son-in-law, who previously had COVID, she started to improve within 48-hours. Researchers from the University of Alabama at Birmingham say her case is unusual because her son-in-law had an “unusually high virus-neutralizing titer,” which means a high concentration of his immune system antibodies targeted the coronavirus.

Source: U.S. News & World Report

Photo Credit: Getty

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