Dog’s Nonstop Barking Leads Biker To Abandoned Baby!

While riding through the mountains of the Philippines on his motorcycle last month, unrell Fuentes Revila encountered a dog who started running after him. The dog continued barking in a desperate attempt to get his attention and he could sense that the dog was trying to tell him something, so he stopped to find out what it was.

The dog led the biker into an isolated dumpsite where he found a baby wrapped in a brown towel on the ground. Revila scooped up the infant and rushed to the nearest police station. Thanks to the persistent dog and the kind man who listened to him, the baby was found still in good health.

Volunteers with the rescue group Hope for Strays heard about the heroic dog and searched for him in the mountains. They met a man who said the dog isn’t a stray and is his pet and that his name is Blacky. Since then, the community has shown their support by donating food, pet supplies and more to Blacky for saving that baby’s life.

Source:The Dodo

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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