Amazon Driver Rescues Baby Found After A Carjacking!

Amazon drivers see all kinds of things while they’re working, but Juan Carlos Flores found something totally unexpected while on his route in North Houston, Texas. The delivery driver spotted an abandoned baby in a carseat on the side of the road and helped reunite him with his mother. It turns out, the baby had been in his mom’s car when it was stolen and the thief just left him on the curb and drove off.

Flores went to a nearby house and called the police with the neighbor. When officers arrived, they told him the mom had reported her car stolen with her five-month-old son inside. She had left her car running while she ran to make sure the door to her apartment was locked and that’s when she was carjacked.

Luckily, both the baby boy and his mom were unharmed in the incident and she was quickly reunited with her son. Flores says, “I feel lucky” to have found the abandoned infant and now police are sharing security camera footage in hopes of finding the suspect.

Source:NBC News

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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