Teen Saves Family Who Lost Sense Of Smell From COVID From A House Fire!

One of the most common symptoms of COVID is a loss of smell and that nearly cost a Texas family their lives. When a fire engulfed their house in flames, the family couldn’t smell the smoke and didn’t wake up. Luckily, one family member, 17-year-old Bianca Rivera, doesn’t have coronavirus and was able to save her relatives.

The teen woke up to the smell of burning plastic in the middle of the night and when she went outside of her room, the Waco home was filled with smoke. Bianca was able to wake her three family members up and get them outside safely, before braving the blaze to go back inside and rescue their four dogs. And while their home is a total loss, the Waco Fire Department says, “This family is lucky to be alive.”

“Honestly it was just me protecting my family and getting them to safety,” Bianca says. “It didn't matter to me if I was going to get hurt or I was going to get burned as long as I got them out safe and sound, I was going to be fine.”


Photo Credit: Getty

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