Nurse On The COVID Frontlines Scores $1M Lottery Win!

A nurse in North Carolina who's been helping COVID patients during the pandemic just got a well-deserved reward.Terri Watkins works in the COVID unit at a long-term facility and has had a tough year, but the news that she won the lottery helped lift her spirits.

Watkins received a call saying her entry was chosen from more than 513-thousand submissions to the North Carolina Education Lottery’s Supreme Riches second-chance drawing. She admits she thought it was a scam at first and was in shock to learn she actually won a $1-million. And the news came at an ideal time as Watkins says she had been praying for something to help her cope with the pandemic.

Lottery officials report that she’s taking the lump sum payment and will get $424,500 after state and federal taxes. “I'm just gonna take it slow and easy and figure out what I'm gonna do,” Watkins says. “I would love a new home, but I've just got to take time and put it in the right place.”

Source:ABC 11

Photo Credit: Getty

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