Couple Donates Stimulus Check To A Struggling Coffee Shop

A couple in Minnesota decided to take action to support a small business that’s struggling during the pandemic. After noticing fewer people at their favorite coffee shop, Bravo Espresso in Rochester,CoryandEmma Behnkendecided to make a donation. A big one.

The couple works downtown and have been regular customers there for nine years now. They’ve been fortunate to have kept their jobs during COVID and felt the right thing to do was help out a small business in need. So they paid forward their $600 stimulus payment, donating it to Bravo Espresso ownerAndrew Meissner. He says he’ll use the money to keep the lights on and make sure his three employees continue to go home with a paycheck.

When Meissner called to thank the Behnkens, he told them how much the donation is going to help. “That means a lot to us,” Cory says. “We didn’t look for any specific thank you, we just wanted to help in any way we could and thought this could be the perfect opportunity to do that.”


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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