Alexa Device Helps Save Puppy From A House Fire!

A couple in Orlando was able to save their home and puppy from a house fire, thanks to their Alexa device.Jonathan and Kathy say they were at a friend’s house near their home when he got an alert from their Amazon Echo on his phone. As part of Alexa’s Guard feature, the app sends an alert when it hears noise like broken glass or smoke alarms.

When they listened, they heard crackling and the smoke alarm going crazy, so Jonathan rushed back to their house to rescue their five-month-old French bulldog Cooper. The couple’s garage camera shows him getting to the house, parking the car and running inside to get the puppy. Within 25-seconds, the driveway fills with smoke billowing out of the windows. Minutes later, firefighters showed up and quickly contained the blaze.

Now Jonathan and Kathy are grateful for the little-known feature on their smart device. “If it wasn’t for this piece of technology in our kitchen, our little one wouldn’t be with us today,” Kathy says.


Photo Credit: Getty

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