Man Buys 30 Christmas Trees For Families In Need!

While Jeff Graham was at McPherson’s Tree Farm in Pennsylvania to pick out his family’s tree, he was inspired to spread that Christmas cheer to others. He runs a towing business and had a few tough months at the start of the pandemic and now his business has picked up, but he knows others in his community are still struggling.

So Graham returned in his 22-foot flatbed tow truck and bought 30 Christmas trees to give away to folks in need. The folks at the family-run tree farm told him they can’t remember anyone doing something like that since they opened back in the 1950s. Graham turned to Facebook to share the parking lot where he’d be giving the trees away and there was a line of people waiting when he arrived.

Along with the Christmas trees, Graham gave each person a generous gift card. One grateful woman came back crying to thank him and he says her reaction made it all worth it. “That was the feeling we were going for,” he says. “We were all happy. Everybody was happy. If nobody else showed up, that one lady, that made it all worth it.”

Source:USA Today

Photo Credit: Getty

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