Woman Leaves Millions To Her Neighbors!

Residents of a community in central Germany were surprised to find they’ve recently inherited a fortune from an elderly neighbor. Renate Wedel passed away last year at the age of 81 and left some property and her stock portfolio - worth $7.5-million - to her community.

Wedel’s husband, Alfred, died in 2014 and her original heir was her sister, but she also died, so the money went to the Waldsolms district. Wedel and her late husband had lived there since 1975. She asked that they use the inheritance for “community facilities and infrastructure.”

News of the gift came as a shock to local authorities. “I thought at first, this is simply not possible, I thought a comma had slipped,” explains mayor Bernd Heine. In a statement, the community thanks the couple and says they will use the funds responsibly and “keep an honorable memory of both.”


Photo Credit: Getty

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