Secret Santa Gives Gift Of Sight To School A Special Ed Worker!

A Secret Santa in Idaho is giving away more than half a million dollars this holiday season with help from his elves at East Idaho News. The anonymous man finds deserving people to surprise with gifts and they deliver them. And one of the lucky recipients is Kallie, who works at Tiebreaker Elementary School with students who have emotional disabilities.

Last year, Kallie started having vision problems and found out she has cataracts and needs surgery. Unfortunately, she didn’t have the money to pay for it, so her cataracts have been spreading and her sight is getting worse. But Secret Santa is making sure she gets the operation she needs by taking care of all of the costs.

Kallie was surprised at school with news of the generous gift and it moved her to tears. She received $5-thousand to cover the surgery and an additional $5-thousand just for Kallie. In the emotional moment, she expressed her thanks to Secret Santa, “whoever it is.”

Source: East Idaho News

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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